Monday, June 15, 2009

6/15/09 Panama City Beach FL

6/15/2009 Panama City Beach FL Seasonably hot, up to 95.

Nothing exciting here. Got up, drove 300 miles to our house in PCB.

All was well with the house, unlike some other trips where we found the A/C dead.

We spent most of the rest of the afternoon emptying the trailer into the house and doing laundry.

Tomorrow, I'll put the trailer back in storage at Naval Support Activity, Panama City. The locked storage area there is about as secure a place as I can think of. Most people couldn't find it with a map and a flashlight.

The truck accumulated 6,325 miles this trip through twenty-three states and Ontario. It has now been in 49 states, plus 10 Canadian provinces and two Canadian territories.

That's it.... nothing more to say. We'll leave this up until we move it to a web site somewhere....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14/09 Mayport FL

6/14/09 Mayport FL Warm (74>92).

Slow day today. We got up a little late and went directly to B&L's house. Donna had fixed quiches, so we had some of that, and other party leftovers. Deviled egg (turns out the vultures didn't get them all) for breakfast is a little odd, but ok.

Vic & Donna departed for Atlanta, leaving only the four of us. Three of us loafed while I installed the third ceiling fan into bedroom 3; I'd done the other two earlier this year. It went in without too many complications.

Then all four of us loafed until time to go to church. We took their convertible with the top down - haven't done that in a while. Did church, then a light dinner at Beachside Cafe.

Then back to the house to pick up stuff we'd left there. We called Susan, who couldn't talk at length (cleaning the refrigerator) but said hi. Afterward, we said our goodbyes until next month and left.

Back to the trailer and to do these little chores. Then we'll prep for tomorrow's trip home.

Then to bed.

6/13/09 Mayport, FL

6/13/2009 NS Mayport, FL Hot (79>94).

Up and back to Bill & Lana's house. We were then in and out all day, getting stuff and making things for the baby shower party. My chore was to make two dozen deviled eggs, as well as to haul things from one place to another, swab out the patio, wipe off the patio chairs, and so forth.

I was the designated mule.

The guests started arriving at 7:00 and things got quite active after that. Vic cooked the sliders and rollers. Everyone enjoyed the food (especially the custom cupcakes). The deviled eggs disappeared. A couple of cases of Lite were done in.

Then the unwrapping of gifts took place. Lana (and Bill) received many nice things that will help tend the child when he shows up.

One of Bill's co-workers wife is due two days before Lana, so they were comparing sizes. Both were in black-and-white dresses.

After a while, perhaps 10:00, people left and we were left alone. D & I left a little after that, and after the initial cleanup. We'll finish it tomorrow.

Back to the trailer and a good night's sleep.

6/12/09 Mayport, FL

6/12/2009 NS Mayport, FL Hot (79>94).

We got up at a reasonable time and headed out. We passed slowly down US-17 through rural Georgia until we passed Brunswick, then used I-95 to the Jacksonville area. Entered the base with no problems and set up in the base RV Park "Pelican Roost".

Then we headed over to Bill & Lana's house and did laundry. They came home after five. We went out for Italian with them - good food, placed named "Fontana" for the big fountain inside. Then a grocery stop and back to the house.

Lana's birth mother (she was adopted) and husband came in from Atlanta a little later. We sat around talking and having a drink or two.

Dolores & I headed out about 10:30 and came home to settle in for the night.

6/11/09 Richmond Hill, GA

6/11/2009 Richmond Hill GA

Out to Waffle House for breakfast, then into downtown Savannah.

We did a pretty good job of viewing the Roundhouse Railroad Museum, and some of the city museum in the trainshed of the old Central of Georgia RR station. A lot of the RR stuff is restorable and folks are working on it.

We took a very short "train ride" around the site behind a 44-ton and small coach. It would run onto the turntable, then into the shed on another track, out into a field after turning again, out again on another track. All the while, a person was describing the place and the plans for it. Very good site, not much in terms of rolling stock.

Then, it being very hot, we drove around Savannah and its "squares" and its great old houses. It's a beautiful place. I'll have to re-read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", called hereabouts "The Book". Being here might even force me to see the old "Forrest Gump" thing, some of which was filmed here.

When we finished our ride around town, we took local streets back out to the little house, stopping for a late lunch on the way. Then back to the little house to avoid the heat.

The lake (pit?) next to the campground here is unique. In the evening, there are several white swans in it; at dusk a couple dozen white birds (egrets?) fly into the trees on the island in the pond. Quite a few Canadian geese, and several ducks seem to be resident here. Interesting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/10/09 Richmond Hill GA

6/10/2009 Richmond Hill GA Hot (76 > 90).

We did 200 more miles south on I-95 to here. After setting up and feeding the ducks (we're on a lake - many ducks & geese), we headed into Savannah to the Visitor's Center in the old Central of Georgia terminal.

We took the city tour by trolley and found a lot of neat places - many "squares" (originally 24, now 21) that are mini-parks. Lots of nice old houses and museums.

Midnight in the City of Good and Evil is "The Book" here. When one says "The Book", everyone thinks you mean that. So MITCOG&E is a big deal, as is Forrest Gump, the two most noted movies made here.

Now that we've seen the overall city, we'll decide what to cover tomorrow.

We bought some groceries, and diesel fuel, then returned to the little house for our Stuffed Pork Chop dinner. After that, we'll let it cool down and walk by the lake for a while before settling.

6/9/09 Florence SC

6/9/2009 Florence SC KOA Warm, then hot (72 > 90).

We slogged our way 370 miles to the KOA at Florence, and then called D's nephew Peter, as arranged. Later, he & Brenda returned the call and came to get us.

We went out to Fatz Cafe for dinner and talking. Finally, we left there and went to their house. We met the dogs and toured the grounds, then went inside and chatted some more. They have a nice location on two acres surrounded by a farm that most likely won't ever be developed.

After a bunch of chatting, they brought us back to the little house, where we settled in for the night.